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Hey, great idea! Just give everybody free money! It will free them for education and productive endeavors! Yeah! Of course it will. We had some psychologists give cash to a couple folks. One of those people decided to become a psychologist! Wow! This is legit!

And for the second part of the program, we’ll give ’em free flying unicorns! That’ll free them up from having to worry about how to get places! Yeah!

Oh, and that whole human thing about sex? Let’s just give’em free sex too! Yeah!

Free stuff for everyone! But cash most of all. Because we all know that cash grows on trees, right?

Huh? Cash represents the value of someone’s labor or value added? Wait, so how’s this gonna work again? We have a whole slew of slave-labor creating value so that you can give cash to everybody? Look you’re just killing the buzz here, with all your reality jibber-jabber. Shut up and get in line — free cash up ahead! Yeah!

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