How not to start a startup
Bram Krommenhoek

Ok, based on your analysis of your experience you believe that the key to start-up business success is PEOPLE.

Can you provide an example where that did work? Where there was no idea, no product, no customers, but good people, and they succeeded?

You may be over-reaching in your search for an answer to your experience.

Without a product/service that people will pay for, you do not have a business. If you’re in a foreign country, and you don’t know the market, you’ve hobbled yourself.

You may be confusing yourself with the idea of “I want to be in a start-up!” Maybe if you said, “I want to be the best automobile repairman possible!” then you’d find yourself in a better place to actually start a real business.

“Start-up” is not necessarily a real business. Starting up a new auto repair business is a real business.

Good luck.

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