I wondering if you read it?

“ “The War on Poverty” has been based in the wrong assumptions about poverty itself. We are wasting money by fighting symptoms and not the cause.”

So what is the cause? Lack of cash?

Sorry, to shout but — WE ALREADY THROW TRILLIONS IN CASH at the poor.

I know the hip term is “basic income,” but we already provide FREE CASH to poor people — and have for decades.

Right now there are multiple federal, state and local programs that give FREE CASH to poor people.

They ALREADY HAVE a “basic income!”

Plus — free housing, free cell phones, transportation vouchers, free medical care, free food, free counseling, free everything — including cash!

How is calling free cash “basic income” going to change poor people? Quoted above is scientific research that utterly refutes the mendacious author’s anecdotes about Cherokee casinos. Indian casinos actually CAUSE poverty. They find that the cash payments from the casinos are a disincentive to work.

Causes of poverty?

  1. Lack of education/marketable skills
  2. Having children outside marriage

Cash won’t change those factors.

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