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I think Mario will be coming off the bench the entire season unless Gordon is horrid at the 3 spot. One more year for his development under Vogel on the bench won’t harm his development. Next year Jeff Green and Ibaka’s contracts are up. Meaning Aaron Gordon’s shot will probably improved from playing at the three and can finally be moved back to his more natural position at the 4. Meaning the Starting 5 for the 17–18 season would then be Payton, Evan, Mario, Gordon, Biyombo, which would be a very athletic starting five. Then you have Vooch coming off the bench anchoring the scoring for the second unit and whatever free agents the Magic pick up along with DJ Augustine and Zimmerman. I think Hezonja will be a very gifted player in due time. His friendship with Elfrid Payton is another item to note, the two are very close.

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