A man holding a pen with paint on his hands
A man holding a pen with paint on his hands
Unit testing can get messy. | Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

This isn’t a post to teach the basics of unit testing on iOS. It’s designed for people who already write unit tests, but aren’t sure if they’re doing it right.

Just like code, tests should be clear, concise and simple for everyone to understand. It should require no effort to understand a test, even for someone who is not the author, and does not have the full context.

This post is all about getting back to fundamentals and understanding what’s most valuable for unit tests.

This article is also freely available on my personal blog.


Diversity is important. In a fast-paced scale-up, it’s a goal that can be easy to forget about. However, this is exactly the right time to think about diversity. At N26, the iOS engineering team has been thinking about how we can increase our diversity, improve our culture and enjoy the benefits of different perspectives. Here we will share our motivation and our actions towards creating a more diverse team.

The iOS engineering team at N26 is internationally diverse — as of this writing, our team members hail from 12 different countries. However, aside from heritage and language, we lack diversity…

Kent Humphries

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