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The 52-Week Writing Challenge
Stella J. McKenna

I’ve been publishing short personal narratives, with photos, on my Wordpress account In the Moment. As a step towards refining my work I’ll plan to publish 52 pieces, one per week, as part of the 52-Week Writing Challenge by The Writing Workshop on Medium. Yay!

My work is meant to reflect the moment in which I find myself. Can’t help smiling at that. And that’s reason enough to do it because this has been a New Year’s Wednesday the 4th filled with ennui and almost despair. Thank God Donald Trump tweeted down the GOP’s proposed takeover of the House Ethics Committee. Only because it’s a sign of balance, a sign of the pursuit of fairness.

But this is hardly emblematic of my work, although not far from the fold. I’m at a pay-to-stay cafe in San Francisco. A little workshop where itinerant workers can get stuff done. Every step today is a technical glitch. But I press on, and almost unbelievably I’m on target for every category of work I set out to do. Yes, lots of time allocated for fixing broken systems! My heart lifts at the thought that the battle against entropy is expected, the infinitely greater battle to create also expected.

Good music here. Time flies. It rains, I am beset by grey thought-shapes of despair that flit amongst the enthusiastic beat of Jolie Coquine’s Caravan Palace, like evil, flying monkeys ruining a sunny day in Oz. And oh yes, I know there is no Wizard and I’m here with no one but my peers. No one to tell me how to make this life work…