One Word

I have a goal to write a story per week and per that goal I think I’m due to start the next story after this one today. So I said to myself “Just write one word” of that prior story so that you can at least say it was started by the time it was due. And here it is. More than one word.

I’m not looking at the news right now. Can I understate the importance of that? More and more my life is becoming whatever I focus upon. So, you see the danger of the News. I’m at a fork in the wood and one road appears to be less travelled. No one…told me…I’d face that fork in the woods every minute of every day. A million turnings to create billions of neural connections. And every moment a choice that is fraught with all the expectations I have of my life. I expect insight, accomplishment, and ultimately transcendence. Nothing big. I looked up transcendence just now to be sure of what I was talking about and the definition mentioned “If you have trouble letting go of material needs, then you will have difficulty achieving transcendence.” The eye of the needle and all… Anyway, I’m surprised has such a clear bead on the path to transcendence. And also, while I was looking it up the search screen was surrounded by images of bathroom vanities and a couple of plumbing fixtures. Presumably because I just bought some for my bathroom. I think I’m having trouble getting material needs to let go of me

Still not looking at the news but the urge grows. I’m starting to recall recent stories in order to fill the news gap: a guy who yelled at a couple dressed in Muslim traditional garb, “Do you have a bomb?” as they walked past him into the plane. I’m told that’s actually the mainstream media overemphasizing it’s own agenda which is going to get Donald Trump impeached and then one hundred million people will opt out of our society. The plot thickens like gravy left on the stove too long. Leaving something for the dog to sniff uncertainly at and lick and nudge with her snout. That’s not good, but at least it’s a distillation of the news and the current situation rather than just more raw stimulus.

Here is a picture of a squirrel facing the camera, fearless. It even seems to be advancing, as though it’s in mid-step charging the photographer. It is, actually. That’s the world we’re living in. If I tell you a squirrel charged me when I went to take a picture of it you’ll understand why it did so. Nevertheless it’s unnatural and entirely unsatisfactory. Would more and more of this have have continued to occur if Hillary Clinton had won the recent presidential election? Maybe. Probably Donald Trump would say so: I understand he was defeated in his efforts to build a two-mile wall at Turnberry in Ireland in part by advocates for a microscopic snail. And here we have charging squirrels. Definitive evidence that global warming is a hoax, animals, and Muslims, and transgendered teenagers, and Jews and women and advocacy in general (except for white male bigots) are getting way too much air time and we should go back to Feudalism because that’s a better form of government. And is it any irony that allowing global warming to progress will likely result in global fragmentation? Somehow I think not. I see Japanese girls wearing jetpacks feeding brave squirrels before jumping back into high castles to avoid the rising tide.

Still no news. About the One Word, you know we could all be saved by that? A large number of the one hundred million Trumpists would be moved by faith, I know it. What was that movie where Kevin Costner builds a baseball field? Oh yes, Field of Dreams. I don’t want to know that. I think I’ve seen the whole movie. I have the feeling it was a good one. But it makes me angry, probably because when I was in third grade I was the one in the outfield reading a paperback book? I know, the Trumpists could mock me for that, couldn’t they? That’s my point. If we can just come into focus as a country on faith then we’re golden. All the old baseball players can come back into being out of the bushes or the weeds in the outfield and we can play a game or two with them. Just enough to feel better about letting transgender people come into whichever bathroom they want. Just enough to celebrate tradition and faith and local community. Come on, for God’s sake (given that God cares about us and we don’t want to snub him), build the field, not a stupid wall, celebrate your values, don’t criticize those who dress differently than you do. Come on. You say you don’t like being made fun of by Liberals? Well, stand up and celebrate your values without trampling somebody else’s. Show some cojones by standing up for abused women and children, migrants and immigrants rather than whining like a scared child about bad hombres. You’re not a baby.

So, let’s get this over with. One Word. The Word of God. Let it be spoken. You know Trump doesn’t speak it. You know. So stand up for what you believe. Let’s hear it. You don’t like abortion? Say so, don’t put a person in office whom you know could care less. You believe in family values? Bring family values into the national discussion. Get a politician to represent you who cares about more than his own libido, who actually supports family values. Come on, you can do better. You believe in traditional sex roles, speak up, don’t support a guy who believes in every man’s right to indulge as he pleases, even when it hurts others despite their protests. Are you so upset by people calling themselves transgendered? Why? Not sure of your own sexuality? It’s tough, isn’t it, to be a man? I see that. Here’s a first step: show some decency towards others: women, children, gay people, immigrants, refugees, for God’s sake. Have you stopped to think what a refugee is, my man? Somebody whose got nothing. Does it make you feel better to kick them while they’re down? That’s not being a man. Try again. We can all do better.