These gymnastics help you lose weight effectively

Kent Phạm
Aug 17, 2014 · 3 min read

Each department will give you a satisfactory results but also depends a lot on the set.
If you’re wondering whether to choose the sport that can help your body burn calories higher, the effective weight loss following a few suggestions for you


Walking exercises will help your body burn 360 kcal in one hour workout.

This is a simple subject, but results in high weight for the set. After a training period with this subject you will see the excess fat in the waist, hips pushed back so quickly. Not only giving the apprentice a toned body, neat effects that walking was very good to the cardiovascular system.

To achieve better results losing weight with this subject at first you walk to the average speed to be familiar body then gradually speed up, or you can also choose to walk in the place where high slope, make sure that the amount of calories your body can burn much bigger.


With lively exercises, aerobic perky you your body can burn 800 calories / hour.

When training to lose weight with this subject, the movements of exercises will directly impact on all parts of your body to help you burn major calories. However, in order to lose weight effectively with this subject you should note a few things:

You must have a diet combined with exercise science.

There is good coordination with their coach

Aerobic exercise fit all their own heart rate, and in the process of training should not be so fast to achieve the desired weight loss results that episode too much for her; should not be set too lightly if you muonco high results of the exercise.

You must set at least a 5-day week and the time from 45 soles 50 minutes per session, to be able to burn the calories big beautiful body.


Cycling will help you burn 500 to 1000 calories in just one hour body workout.

You just need to take time from 45 minutes to 1 hour, in the morning or afternoon to carry any weight loss plan is that you have a bicycle can help the body dissipate a significant amount of calories.

Depending on your cycling speed when performing your exercises that burn calories will be high or low. Certainly slim legs, a toned body, good health will not be that far-fetched when you bike at high speed and with time for at least 60 minutes.

But when you start training exercises with speed and just the right time to have a familiar body before, to avoid affecting health.


With swimming your body can burn 800 calories / hour

This is one of those exercises bring high efficiency to weight training.

When you are swimming and all the organs in the body are active, rhythmic movement, flexibility, help you burn calories to reduce the number of kg of body weight that you want.

In addition to effective weight loss, then swimming is a sport that helps you relax mentally very effective stress reduction

These gymnastics help you lose weight effectively

Helps you lose weight no less effective addition to other sports such as jogging. Help your jogging burns 600 calories / hour

Especially if you are looking to reduce fat thighs and round 2, you can not ignore exercise treadmill, make sure you will not be disappointed in the results when choosing this subject.

When do regular jog your body will burn major calories, helps you remove melted kg of excess and make fatty deposits under the skin is reduced, causing the small blood vessels unobstructed flow of blood is taken nutrients.

After only a short time, running will help you have a slim body, toned, especially legs and your abdomen

Note for you

The exercise will take effect on weight loss great for you. However, to achieve your desired results, you need the discipline to practice it every day.

At the onset of exercise you do not make your body to overtraining with exercise fast speed that light up exercises prior to the body can gradually adapt. Then the new lift and duration of exercise training on.

Before workouts do not forget to perform the action starts, body heat for 5 to 10 minutes.

Combined with science diet, stay away from sweets, fats. Eat more vegetables, fruits …

Besides, you can refer to two of the top 10 best weight loss programs hiện

Best program for women: Venus Factor

Best for men and women: Old School New Body

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