Checking iTunes app reviews

A json reader using json and requests modules to print reviews of an iOS app in a particular country where rating is 3 or less. Plenty of people have done this already, I just wanted to look under the hood a little.

This prints reviews across countries at one go, saving me time and clicks navigating through iTunesConnect. Definitely can add more filtering options esp. by date, so that I can action upon spotting a recent, negative review.

Fun idea: based on existing reviews, predict a rating of a new review (relying on words classified as positive, negative or neutral — features, then nearest neighbors?).

Super helpful note on available iTunes web services.

Better and more comprehensive solution (and free)

import json, requests
def reviews(url):
res = requests.get(url)
print("Status:", res.status_code)
data = json.loads(res.text)
for i in data['feed']['entry']:
rating = i.get("im:rating").get('label')
if int(rating)<=3:
print("BAD RATING: ", i.get("im:rating").get('label'), "\n", \
"REVIEW: ", i.get('content').get('label'), "\n")
print('No entry')
print('END', "\n")

url_list = ['', \
'', \
'', \

for url in url_list:

Sample output

Status: 200
No entry
REVIEW: App definitely solid!

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