The Trendiest and Most Fashionable Kentucky Derby Hats for 2015–2016

Need a chic, cool hat for the Kentucky Derby in 2015 and 2016? You need not worry because there are scores of milliners out there crafting fashionable, trendy hats that are in demand by women who regularly visit the Kentucky Derby. You may want to visit a haberdasher, who is a hat-seller, to get an idea about the latest derby hats that will make heads turn around.

The annual Kentucky Derby horse race began in the year 1780 by the 12th Earl of Derby. The derby race is also known as “bowler,” a name given according to the shape of a popular type of hat. Another popular type of hat that is getting awesome reviews is the “Billycock” hat. Let us look at some of the more popular Kentucky Derby Hats 2015–2016.

“Picture hats” are extremely favored at the Kentucky Derby. Ornately decorated and featuring a wide brim, picture hats were primarily supposed to be crafted in imitation of someone who was shown in a striking portrait; hence, the name. These hats are also known as Gainsborough hats because these portraits were mostly done by a famous English painter, Thomas Gainsborough.

Another trendy hat that is crafted in the style of a bonnet is the “Kiss-me-quick.” This hat is a lady’s cap with ribbons that are tied under the chin on one side using “kissing strings.” A different type of fashionable bonnet is the “bongrace,” which is a shade worn by women on the bonnet’s front to protect the wearer’s complexion from the sun.

The “cloche” looks elegant and splendid. This close-fitting women’s hat is replete with a bell-like shape. It surely appears gorgeous because of its extravagant and mindboggling appearance. An additional popular hat is the “pillbox,” which was popularized by none other than Jackie Kennedy. It features a flat crown and upright sides. A hat gaining in popularity is the “porkpie” hat.

If you are a flower-lover, you will find the “Dolly Varden” hat extremely gobsmacking. Moreover, the hipster-topping “fedora” has always been in fashion. The word “fedora” originates from the name of the French heroine Fedora Romanoff, who wore a soft-brimmed, center-creased hat in a French play.

The hat that will simply bewitch you is the shady “sombrero,” originating from the Spanish word “sombrar,” which means “to shade.” A captivating hat that will leave you enthralled is the “fascinator,” which is a woman’s favorite head decorator that is both delicate and frivolous with an intention to “fascinate.” The fascinator became popular at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

When it comes to Kentucky Derby Hats 2015–2016, the aforementioned hats will leave the onlooker completely spellbound.