Tick Tock,it is past 12 midnight,my eyes are heavy with sleep,almost shutting down as i sip the last drop remaining in my coffee mug. Writing is one way of relieving stress and i must speak my mind before retiring to bed.

Just the other day i was invited for an interview, now we are almost coming to end of week one of the boot-camp. Wow! time flies. Before i dig deeper into the details of the boot-camp experience, I want to share something interesting...

I read a research article some time back which explained two main parts of a human brain: left and right hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls all the activities a human’s body including breathing,thermal regulation, speech, sight, ability to hear, pain, hunger just to mention a few. Now comes the right hemisphere; scientists believe this the part that controls the intelligence of a man. Creativity,innovation,memories,logical deductions,reasoning and emotions take place in this hemisphere. Researchers add that the most successful people we see in the world have managed to discover the power of the right hemisphere and pushed it beyond unimaginable limit.To excel in any field,you really have to push the genius out of yourself, which is tough and that is exactly what Andela is doing.The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Andela has set new standard of bringing intelligence out of developers across different parts of the continent(Africa).

Away from science, the first week of boot-camp started with introduction to version control and Git which is a basic requirement of any developer as software development is moving in the cloud and can be done remotely in collaboration with the other developers worldwide. Then followed the test driven development(TDD).To be honest, i never cared much about TDD and consider it less important. That ugly perspective has completely gone and I now realize how crucial TDD is as i tackle my assigned tasks.This is what I call growth,Thank you Andela.

The tasks that followed next include Andelabs programming logic ,very important as it set a solid foundation for any beginner in Python programming language. Thinking outside the box is a must in this section and every stone must be turned.The Andelabs logic is accompanied by HTTP and Web which need equal attention and seriousness. At times in life you don’t look at the distance of the journey, you focus on the steps forward you make each day. Our facilitator is doing a nice job of correcting me where I am wrong as well as appreciating where the progress or output is good.

The home-based self-learning has shaped me into a more industrious, responsible,reliable,efficient,effective,passionate & proactive software developer. Lets’ not forget it has made me a good blogger. Without pushing yourself harder, you might depart this world without discovering your talents. As i conclude,THIS IS ANDELA(TIA).