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Kenwal Day Camp
Jul 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Kenwal day Camp was established in 1957 in United State. David Greenberg worked on this camp. This is the Day time Camp situated in Melville, New York on 20 acres of greenery accented. These provides best summer day camp facilities.

This camp provides the best equipment for the camper having age from 3 to 15 years. Taking care of children, helping them with small crafts, giving them guidance with arts and craft tasks. Working with children and ensuring their safety while maintain a fun and pressure free environment. Each and Every action are done under the experienced trainers. By different activity performed by it mainly focused on increasing the confidence level and activeness in the child. Kenwal Day Camp provides many Activities include an inflatable water park, mini golf, arts and crafts, sports, theatre, dance, swimming, zip lines go karts, rope rappelling, karate and so on.It also includes indoor Air Conditional Lunch Room, Air conditional Bathrooms,newly paved walkways, Paddleball courts. Change boring days to excited days. Free first aid is provided to everyone if any accident take place.Cost of this camp can easily afford by everyone.

The camp fees depend upon the age of the camper. Fees Varies with age of the champer, Provide memorable camping experiences to everone. Administrators and Team Management are properly selected to provide your child adulthood and experience.The people there are so friendly and like family. Everyone looks forward to coming to work and doesn’t mind spending extra time there. Everyone was always willing to help one another. The seniors are also so friendly and funny. They all are kind and soft hearted people at there.

In the another hand, Kenwal Day Camp is ranking in the top most Camp in New York due to which most families feel free to join this campsite for their children without any investigation. For Summer holidays, this camp is the best for children. With a range of programs to fit the needs of campersin pre-K to ninth grade, Camp is for kids to have fun and as well as make friendships. Kids can make this camping ground experience their own by choosing areas of interest each day during three choice period.

Kids come home happy and cheerful, excited to tell about the activities they did that day. It provides organic food prepared daily, water to drink, and tons of love.Trainer are responsible for the safety of the camper. They help kids in feeling free and enjoying the vacations without any pressure of school or teacher. They becomes the part of there family. Campers are encouraged to have fun, explore their interests, and learn new ones. This seven week program for kids preschool through eighth grade includes academic enrichment, sports, arts, group challenges and more. Flexible schedules are available to meet the needs of families and discount is applied for early registration.

Transport facility is also available in this tents. Every summer they bring some different activities to make more interest for camper. Growing there personal confidence level, they side by side learn many more things which are helpful are helpful for them in their further life. You must once checkout the about this on its website if you are planning for the Summer Vacations for your child. You may loved to invest your money for this place.This provides a finest summer day campsite facilities and equipment.

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Kenwal Day Camp is situated in Melville, New York since 1957. This camp is the great summer vacations for children under 15 years.

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