Bravo on your response.
Joshua Sommer

Thank you for reading. I am familiar with Candace Owen’s and her #Blexit “movement.” I totally disagree with her perspective. Black people vote Democratic for two reasons. First, there is a history going back to Reconstruction of the federal government being an advocate for black rights when states around the country disenfranchised black people. This means there is less skepticism among blacks about Washington in general and they are more willing to trust the federal government. The Republican party could make inroads in the black community but they would have to abandon their base which is increasingly white, older, rural and nativist. Black Americans are the most church going people in the country and there is a vein of conservatism there that could be tapped by the GOP if they were willing to abandon dog whistle politics and nativism which has no acceptance in the black community. Second, black people vote for their economic self interest unlike some lower income white voters that vote against theirs because they buy the rhetoric that black and brown people are on “welfare.” Black people like Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare but so do the majority of white voters even those that vote Republican. Needless to say, the largest “welfare” programs by a mile are the three aforementioned entitlement programs. My belief is that Democrats make class arguments (rich vs. poor) and Republicans increasingly make nativist appeals that peel away lower income whites. Does this make sense? I think that “big government” and “nanny state” are abstractions thrown around by political junkies like us. Net, black people are repelled by what they perceive as GOP racism and understand how federal programs including the ones that people don’t consider welfare (Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid).