I had the opportunity to interview Tashina “Poochiez” Green from Atlanta Georgia. It didn’t feel much like an interview, it was more like a chat about what we are both passionate about which is nails. Poochiez is not only a nail tech, she is also a business women with class and grace that doesn’t mind helping a fellow nail tech. Poochiez is front center stage on wanting to be successful, however she aims for others to be the same.

What made you choose to become a nail tech?

When I was younger my dad took me to get my nails done. I was about 14 years old. It was my godmother that did my nails she was a nail tech. It was pure amazement for me. I was curious because of the whole structure of the nail. I was fascinated about it because it was so pretty. My dad asked my godmother to teach me so I started when I was 14.

How many years have you been doing nails?

I’ve been doing nails for 25 years, and licensed since 1996.

What was the biggest challenge when you started doing nails back then? Back then it was acrylic.

What advice can you offer new nail techs? To stop paying attention to what other techs are doing. Pay attention to what inspires you, observe but focus on you.

What do you love to do most that has become your specialty?

Acrylic application is now my specialty.

What inspires you?

African Americans in business like Madame C.J. Walker . She started her own business from scratch. I like the older generation of women.

What are your current goals for yourself ? To make my company bigger than what it is, and create a way for other nail techs to do the same.

What products do you currently offer for nail techs?

Nail art supplies and nail brushes.

All items can be viewed and purchased on her website:


Just wanted to extend a thank you to Poochiez Nails for her time. Also, Scra2ch Fellows for choosing me to be a part of this Fellowship Program for aspiring nail entrepreneurs with a dream.

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