3 Steps to Not Losing Your Sh*t When It Feels Like Your World is Collapsing

A recent series of unfortunate events has caused me to take pause in my life. For whatever the reason may be, I am being forced to reevaluate my priorities, intentions and life goals — at the same time. There is no time to ponder, to dream, to breathe. There is only time to make life altering decisions in a very short period (or so it feels). I am no stranger to abrupt life changes; in fact, this is pretty much my life story. But no amount of experience with change can make you feel prepared; and it’s always much easier to handle when it’s on your own terms.

When your world is suddenly in upheaval — what do you do? How do you stay grounded, optimistic and objective when life seems to be collapsing around you? In other words…how do you not lose your sh*t when life becomes uncertain and you have no clue what your next step is? Here is a 3 step process that I use that can help anyone move through a difficult time while staying grounded, sane and clear on what to do next.

  1. Stop what you’re doing.

When we are experiencing challenges and need to make a decision, you cannot move forward when you are ‘in it’. When you make attempts at forcing something to happen, it’s like watching water boil and can only make matters worse. Stop where you are in your thoughts, in your body and just recognize what it is you’re feeling. Most answers we are seeking can be found in our bodies. Notice what comes up for you when you close your eyes and just be.

2. Ask yourself what it is you truly want.

It’s easy to make choices based on what we are “supposed” to do. Get a high salary job, or never work for ‘the man’. But often times the choices we make as adults are not our choices at all…who’s idea of the ideal life are you living? Yours? Your parents? Friends? A significant other? When we are clear on what it is we truly want for ourselves, our decisions become much easier.

3. Make a definite decision.

Once you’ve become clear on what it is you truly want, it’s time to make a decision. If you are a procrastinator, this is your time to shine and break free from that slow to decide mold. In the chapter titled, Decision in Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich, he states “Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what they want, and generally get it.” By holding strong to your decisions and only changing your mind after much contemplation, you are sure to feel confident in whatever choice you make.

There is no guarantee that following these 3 steps will bring you everything you want in life; but it can provide you with more clarity and calm when life is running amuck. The more intune we are with our minds and bodies, the easier our decisions and the better our life journeys.