Where is Mama Bear’s Leather Band?

If you’re in the whole fitbit crowd I ask, “Who hasn’t seen this picture?”

I tell you, more than the whole fitness aspect of the fitbit Blaze, I wanted the Blaze to wear with the Camel band. I swear it looks like the model is wearing Alex and Ani bracelets too.

Fitbits, Alex and Ani, Fossil purses, wallets and lip gloss. Those are my things. Oh and hair, but that’s a-whole-nother-story.

So I got my “Large” fitbit Camel leather band on Wednesday. I wore it long enough to chat with fitbit online to get an RMA # to return it.

I am neither large or small. I’m big boned and “fluffy” when I’m misbehaving. But I’ve always been most comfortable in the large band. I don’t want to feel anything tight on my wrist.

But the large leather band was too big. While I am fluffy right now, it wasn’t uncomfortable on the last notch. Given a few good weeks of drinking more water and reducing my sodium intake (my forearm thinning diet), I’d be able to twirl it around on my wrist. I don’t know.

I tend to exaggerate like when I said I tracked my Blaze through FedEx 100 times. I don’t know, I kinda did.

The same day I sent my large band back to fitbit, I ordered the smaller one from Amazon. I received it today and I’m wearing it long enough to type this post out.

There’s a medium missing. Where’s Mama Bear’s leather band?

This one is too small. As my son used to say, “I don’t think I can like it.”

Here’s my serious dilemma. It involves a Fossil purse, a wallet and a leather band.

I’ve resurrected a Camel colored Fossil purse from the bottom of my closet and there is a matching wallet that should be delivered tomorrow.

Whoever said a girl can’t be cute while she’s getting her steps on? Sometimes I only carry a wallet. Shouldn’t it match my er ‘um fitbit? Totally, right?

Speaking of Fossil, it seems like there should have been some partnership, you know like with Tory Burch and the Flex bands. Fossil makes watches with detachable bands WITH matching purses and wallets. Why they made a fitness watch is beyond me. Stay in your lane Fossil. Is there even an app for that?

I digress…

I was talking about my cute accessory dilemma. I’m on the fence with this leather band. I guess it all depends on if my wallet matches, whether or not I keep it. It needs to match the purse AND the Camel band. Can you feel me, ladies?

To the tune of a rock and hard place, I’m stuck between a small and medium.

So what you do? Wear the large band with lots of slack, or a small band with no slack?

I can tell you that now that I’ve had both, the model above is wearing a large. There is no way anyone but a five-year-old could have the band come that far around with the small band.

In the meantime, I’m expecting a fraud alert call from my credit card company because I’ve ordered the large band again. It’ll get here Saturday.

Please let these returns process before the interest hits.

Today, tomorrow and Saturday. No sodium and lots of what? Water.

Sounds like I’m going to be eating fruit and veggies. I’ve already had Raisin Bran and Almond Milk today. How much you wanna bet there’s sodium in them?

Kenya G. Johnson


Originally published at community.fitbit.com on March 3, 2016.

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