Like in the series… get it,

So my first blog… hmmmn. Edward told me and I quote ‘you going to suck the first, second till the fifth time and I will read it then text you to tell you how much you suck but will support you till you’re good at it’ end quote. I guess that helped because now im not so scared about how it will turn out. It’s bound to tank but I will pick up soon, I hope.

What will I write about? Not so sure but probably lots of medical stuff because thats probably the most knowledge I have relative to all the other stuff I know. Maybe a little about my experiences and hope that I relate to other people, like know that there other people who have the same perspective of the world as me.

About me, nothing special. I’m so average its depressing. 20 something year old Kenyan. A medical student at KU, I know, not so prestigious and all but hey you wont care when you are dying and just want the pain to go away so no loss there… what else, average looks(probably on the ugly side), always broke. I won’t bore you with the rest so that’s it… I look forward to have at least a handful of people read what I have to say. I don’t mind the number, for now

Good evening

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