For the longest time ever I’ve been obsessed with investigative discovery and true crime. I think I’d choose a true crime documentary over any other form of entertainment any day. It started when i was about 13. I was so over soap operas at that time and sacrificed every other show when it came to my sister’s and I fighting for screen time as long as they did not interfere with medical Detectives on Saturday or by God i would cry my eyes out. Sadly that’s all I got supplimented with CNN, up until i got to uni and all the internet i could get, well not all but sufficient. Dateline happened which is what i did every other time and wouldn’t shut up about it. I loved every grainy and low resolution video and stored them dearly in my crime folder ready to share with whoever was willing.
Then I got an android phone and discovered what a podcast is. My life got a whole new meaning. So now I didn’t have to sit down and watch them, but could walk around with my earphones on, doing whatever and still absorb every detail of countless of crimes. This leads me to Sword and Scale (S&S), my favorite podcast in the whole wide world. So much so I’m dedicating this piece to it hoping I’m not breaking any copyright violations or some other law I’ll probably discover after posting this. See once i got the podcast republic app on play store, there were too many choices and so dear friend Google helped out. The search was best true crime podcasts. I subscribed to Serial, Criminal,True murder and sword and scale. Criminal was pleasant and still is, breif and sometimes hilarious. Serial as many know was a hit 12 episode series that captured all its listeners. Sadly I did not care for season two as much and didn’t get past episode 6, I will probably try to however. Then my baby sword and scale😍, I fell deep in love. Every story was like a snort of cocaine i think, being that I’ve never seen let alone used. The voice of the narrator Mike Boudett which I think is one of the most soothing voices, the choice of carefully and masterfully selected sound effects, the audio clips and the interviews. Everything is done up to scale and perfection. A perfect example of how by doing a wonderful job you impact the lives of people you don’t know. From episode 1 to 78 which is the latest currently, I have listened to each at least twice and no that is no an exaggeration. The catchy opening phrase 'the worst monsters are real' which I sometimes doubt it’s meaning but has grown on me sets you up for the wonderful hour a head. An hour of horror, sadness, heart break and once in a while humor. I have had times when the stories were so horrific I thought to stop all together, mostly when my curiosity got me searching for the graphic videos online and some which still scar me today. It’s however too good a production to abandon because of one, two or ten bad experiences. The interviews from knowledgeable scholars and writers. In a way they are feel like friends. Mike particularly feels like a close acquaintance and I wonder if he knows what effect he has on people like me out there. To have him speak into our ears for an hour straight and feel an odd emotional connection as we react to everything he says however he directs us to. We laugh when he does and frown when it sounds like he’s upset. Such great power! 
Phew! All in all, sword and scale is a wonderful podcast and I’ve been tempted to call in but have never gotten the courage to do so. This is my appreciation in writing. And to anyone out there planning to do good, do it and don’t worry, someone will feel the impact and even maybe write about it. I will make my donation to the podcast once i know how to, we love all that you are doing Mike, keep up the good work.


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