Lock up a brighter future for our business

I will be writing a script of an “elevator pitch” that I will be presenting to my boss that describes a new way for him to keep his business secure while at the same time allowing for more employees being able to work at different times. It is always important to not only write down a script for things of this manner but to also take the time to practice it. Your only gonna get one shot when presenting it so you gotta make it count.

Pitch Script

  • Hi my name is Jacob Avenson I’ve been working here for almost 2 years now and since I’ve been working here I’ve noticed a problem that we haven't found a solution for. Locking and unlocking the store at night and in the morning or as its more commonly called opening and closing.
  • I’m here today to tell you that there is a better solution to what we are currently doing that will not only keep your business more secure but also allow for a wider variety of employees to work, ability to track who has come in and out of the business and time stamps allowing you to check when the doors are locked and unlocked.
  • I’ve been working here for over two years now and seen a a lot of employees come and go in this time. I noticed right away that there were only a handful of employees that were considered what we call “closers” these employees are trusted employees who are given a key which allows them to open and close the store in the mornings and nights. At first this seemed like a perfectly logical system the people who have worked there the longest are given keys. However as time has gone on I’ve noticed that the turnover rate for employees is about 1–2 years and most closers have typically worked there for at least 3 years. This has led us to the situation that we are currently in with only 3 closer existing not including yourself. Which has led to these employees having to be overworked in order to open and close the business.
  • If you were to implement this new remote locking device it would allow you to control the doors from your home at any time. If you don’t want to lock and unlock the door every day remotely there is another solution for you using the same device. The lock also comes with a number pad which you can set so each employee has there own code to unlock the doors. Not only does this allow everyone to unlock the door but it also allows you track when employees arrive at work and leave.
  • This new locking device could help the business greatly by allowing for greater flexibility in the scheduling process and keeping your business more secure at the same time.
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