CNN Threatening To Expose Redditor Who Posted Video Of Them Being Trounced By POTUS.

A Red Herring Here, A Red Herring There.

“So I asked him, you see my shiny golden cross necklace and earrings right? Why are you certain I’m the steel- hearted princess of darkness ?” — CNN employee Kayleigh Mcenany, Trump surrogate.

Atlanta:- CNN has tracked down the man supposedly behind the controversial video showing POTUS beating the shit out of a someone who presumably had lost his head and had the media giant’s icon implanted in place of it. The image haunts me. I wouldn’t think any more of it if it was just mere Photoshop, but the fucking icon moves around! Jiggles even…like a real head belonging to someone you just beat the crap out of.

The infamous video: “What’s onna happen next?” WWE commentator asking a question that would have had me pissing my pants as a strapping lad of 7.5 years. Grown men across the world continue to piss their pants when the question is asked.

While this achievement of tracking down a “troll” is immensely notable, I think it’s a major dick move on the part of CNN to gloat about it. Like they just solved the mystery of the millennium. It doesn’t take but a few Google clicks to track down an amateur rubble raiser on the internet. You don’t even have to hire a Russian hacker. What really troubles me, is the fact that they, CNN, seem to be insinuating that if the guy doesn’t stop his Trumpism (watered down Nazism) crusade online under an anonymous username, they’ll expose him. This ladies and gentlemen is the hypothetical spawn that would be the result of the unholy union between blackmail and an anti 1st Amendment alien. And shit, I can’t believe I’m defending this moron.

When asked about Trump’s grabbing tendencies and flagrant contempt towards humanity: “He reminds me of Reagan.” — CNN employee Jeffrey Lord, Trump surrogate.

Don’t feel for CNN either. Of course I don’t recommend violence or censorship, but jeez! These fucking guys are an integral part of the machine that gave us Donald Trump. Their idea of journalistic neutrality is the hiring of such colossal fuckheads as Corey Lewandowski and Jason Miller. Michael Smerconish openly supported Trump on several occasions in the campaign. That’s not neutrality, it’s abandonment of everything that embodies journalistic ethics. They were quick to fire Kathy Griffin when everyone knows for a fact that even though it was in bad taste; She’s an edgy comedian and that was just satire. What’s more, unlike the rest of world, they accompanied Trump whenever he’d go out on the campaign trail in rural America and would see the kind of crowds he’d master. Only a fucking idiot wouldn’t put two and two together and figure out he was poised to be the 45th President of the USA after observing that. I’m inclined to say that CNN might very well be on team Trump and everyone is falling for an elaborate gambit to enrich one of the greediest men in the world and win ratings for this fuck network. For them and their ilk to flaunt all those polls showing Clinton in the lead when Trump was imploring them to show America the size of his crowds, is pretty telling. I remember Miley Cyrus going to visit her hometown Nashville around the same time and noticing all the Trump-Pence yard posters. She would go on to embark on a last minute mission to visit college dorms and campaign for Hillary dressed like an American flag. I know she’s an intelligent young woman, but surely, she can’t be smarter that a leading international news network..or can she?

Much apologies to Anderson Cooper. You’re still cool in my book with your epic eye rolls.

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