David Duke In Hospital After Suffering Massive Heart Attack.

Worried superior humans of European descent — rightful owners of America, huddle quietly outside Roper Hospital awaiting white nurses to give them updates on Mr. Duke’s condition. [Image credit: Getty Images]

Charlestown, SC: Following a barrage of recent developments in the political spectrum, the former Grand Wizard’s heart couldn’t take it any longer. After seemingly vain efforts to win over enough race traitors to take America back to her old glory, he appears to have very well won the war. The battles lost include such atrocities as the Civil Rights Act enacted in 1964, Brown V Board of Education and most recently, the unfortunate arrest and consequent prosecution of modern Deity, Dylann Roof. Thanks in part to Twitter and a Kenyan Arab President seeking to steal Merica for the Jews, Moslems and Mexicans, race traitors were finally Woke and vehemently angry.

Reportedly, as the Anglo-Saxon coal train rumbles straight ahead powered in part by the spirit of George Wallace, jolts of all kind of pleasure have gushed through Mr. Duke’s circulatory system overwhelming his body’s capability to control pleasure-enticing hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. He was found earlier this afternoon by his worried wife in an abandoned South Carolinian factory with a silly grin planted permanently on his face, drooling and clutching his heart having jizzed himself one time too many.

Please remember him and his family in your prayers to your tin god and his golden shit.

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