How to Die with Dignity (Part 1)
Page Barnes

Gutbloom through insinuation, jungle treachery and condescending literary coercion, has sneakily installed himself Mayor of Medium. While I personally don’t see what the use of it is, I fully sign up as an inexperienced Lieutenant at large for his army and will mercilessly vanquish resistance attempts.

That said, we can all agree we absolutely love Page Barnes and I will immediately and wholeheartedly lead a mutiny to install her as Page I, Queen of Mediumites if at all she ever expresses interest in office.

On behalf of the Barninites uncertain on how to respond to this turn of events, I wish her family all the best and encourage her to channel the resilience, strength and love she obviously encompasses to battle through this trying journey of her life. We’ll all be right here bracing her brave march forward 🤗

I saw this earlier today and don’t know if it matters, but I thought it was pretty interesting:

Ken Kamami,

Self Appointed Ambassador of The Haven writers’ guild.

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