Hard sells to tough audiences lacking the attention span necessary to make it through three measly minutes of internet-optimized text. Or the even more stupefying and ominous 140 characters for our primate brethren. It’s insulting and mindnumbing to think that 21st century thought has been so ably datamined and compressed into three-sentence, three-minute submission.
Men are way more Popular than Women
Abel Cohen

I wonder if it’s just a passing squall like suspenders and bellbottoms. That after 5 years , people will start reading consistently as opposed to watching 1 minute cat and puking videos. Or maybe humans are intrinsically engrained with DNA that predisposes them to ADHD that can only be healed by consuming viral snippets of content. And that the only way we didn’t know this was because enterprising individuals like Noah were busy building cruise ships instead of video sharing platforms.

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