I Hated Southern Rap Hip-Hop For Years. I Was Wrong.
Greg Simms Jr.

I’ve also always been an east coast rap connoisseur with Jigga at the top of my list. I wasn’t too much into the west either, but of course you have to go with the NWA crew mainly the big 3 — DRE, Cube and Snoop no matter who the fuk you are or where you’re from.

I got introduced to Southern hardcore rap down in TX in ‘08 and never looked back. There was a whole culture surrounding it I.e. Sizzup, slabs ( tricked out candy painted Caddies or Lincolns sporting weird chrome rims) and mouth grills — that boy Paul Wall was crazy with them. Just really unique, authentic shit. I never got into the whole slowing down/ mixing tracks. Houston was the hub for it all at the time. TI crowned himself king of the south, but he never really connected with me.

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