let’s eat all of the invasive species”.
Order of Events

Might I suggest lion fish for a future solstice? That’s of course if you haven’t already done it. They’re truly the assholes of the sea and are wreaking havoc on my most favorite coral reefs right off the Gloucester harbor. They do look potentially delicious though. What they do is they blow a vacuum vortex in front of passing fish going on their merry way then suck them in for consumption. No one knows how they ended up in Everyman’s fishing town waters. I suspect they hitched a ride on a Boston whaling steamer operating under a NH flag and pretending to be looking for king crab along the Nova Scotia coastline. I have my sources. Apparently, they can use their assassin sucker lips to hold fast to the hull of a slow moving ship. Same mechanism as a toilet plunger.

P.S. I’m pretty sure it’s Weetabix Mr editor. Ask Tom he’ll tell you. Actually, ask any of your ethnic non American followers and they’ll attest to this.

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