He tramped over civil liberties, especially relating to African Americans, whom, reading between the lines, Wilson can’t seem to see how they might ever fit into the social fabric of America.
The Great War
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

This is a touchy subject and I get major crickets when I delve in it. I also don’t see a way it’ll ever happen. I liken myself to a cynical pragmatist.

Having gone through an education system belabored with untold difficulties, Africans come to the US and cruise through the first 2 years of college without hardly ever lifting a finger. AA’s on the other hand, struggle to even graduate high school. The systemic marginalization here is grossly underestimated.

When you oppress people, they tend to lash out and this manifests itself in pretty obvious ways in the US. You can write all the civil rights laws you want, but you can’t change beliefs.

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