Dude, you can put in as much sense as you like; I welcome it.
Abel Cohen

Yeah. I’ll take a snippet of the 3rd world in Kenya. The economy is anemic courtesy of greedy class A d-heads at the top. People are afraid of modern imperialism from china. The irony is, they’re being imperialized by their own elite. I’ll take a Chinese funded multi billion dollar railway project over fat cats joyriding around in gleaming Range Rovers courtesy of the peasants. There’s not a whole lot lower u can go with an economy that’s 100 years behind ..literally. And this is one of the most “industrialized” nations in sub Saharan Africa. With a high standard of living, people like me have no business at all in the diaspora . Everyone would get along much better in their own corners. It’s the crude reality of human DNA. Not comprehensively of course. Mutual understanding would have to be fostered and suspicions curtailed. When no one is dependent, even on a nuclear family level, there’s peace .

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