Will the Most Valid Woman Please Stand Up

I understand where you’re coming from: growing up as a girl isnt the same as growing up as a boy and then transitioning. However, I don’t really agree with you. Of course transwomen speak up about their rights, a lot more than we would think, but that’s because many don’t even consider them! In health care programs, they are often left aside, hormones and surgeries are expensive and they are, in most countries, not taken care of by the government. Transwomen don’t have their periods but so do some cis-women, are you saying they aren’t real women either? They can’t be pregnant but so do some cis-women! I feel as if you’re not looking at the bigger picture here: transwomen aren’t our ennemies, they are fighting, with us, for equality for our rights, and discrediting them is just downright transphobic.

One in two transwomen is, at some point in her life, sexually abused or assaulted. They are victim of hate crimes, for not only they are women, but they are queer and in today’s society, well that’s just unacceptable. They face a lot of issues, still, with finding jobs, a lot of teenagers are kicked out of their houses, they have a higher risk of being a victim of abuse by their partners…

So yes, they do not face the same issues as cis-women, but it definitely doesn’t mean they have it easy, transwomen are still victim of hate crimes and in the US, black transwomen are one of the most persecuted minority, so what you call hurling for no reason is not only extremely misogyn but also very valid: they barely have rights, they aren’t recognized by the government, nor by the people…

I hope that this message will help you understand how and why your article seemed very transphobic and realize how coming together is gonna help us way more that fighting each other.