Kenzan’s Guide to AWS re:Invent

We’re braving those long taxi lines in Vegas for AWS re:Invent this year, and for good reason.

The web giant’s flagship cloud computing conference is set to be the biggest one yet. The event hosts technology and IT leaders hoping to bring back new ideas, innovations and solutions to their teams.

The agenda is packed, so to gear up for the event, we’ve put together a list — by industry — of some of the sessions we’re planning to attend. Check out our choices to help you pick your sessions — they fill up quick!

Financial Services

One of the industries seeing the biggest wave of transformation has been financial services as common challenges like security, regulation and compliance continue to push the sector to find new ways to leverage technology for competitive advantage. AWS re:Invent is a perfect place for enterprise financial services to pick up some insight, regardless of where you are on your digital journey.

Cloud Adoption and the Future of Financial Services
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2:30 PM — 3:30 PM– Venetian, Level 3, San Polo 3405

Amazon’s VP of Financial Services, Frank Fallon, is leading a discussion with some of the world’s largest financial institutions to illustrate how their organizations are utilizing the power of the cloud. CIOs from Liberty Mutual, Fidelity Investments, and FICO will share their respective cloud journeys.

Industrialize Machine Learning Using CI/CD Techniques
Wednesday, Nov 28, 5:30 PM — 6:30 PM– Venetian, Level 3, San Polo 3405

Finance companies have tons of data, and they’re collecting more as they invest heavily in machine learning. This vast amount of data is driving a need for more automation and DevOps as they scale their machine learning implementation. This session, run by AWS Principal Global Solutions Architect Felix Candelario, will cover how an enterprise organization can apply CI/CD practices and tools to develop their machine learning models.

Health Care Providers and Services

With a major focus on improving patient care through technology innovations, healthcare providers and services have a lot to gain from cloud computing, in spite of the industry’s historically slow-paced transition to the cloud. The event has several sessions that will address some common challenges faced by healthcare including maintaining data privacy and meeting regulations.

Innovation-Driven Health Care 
Tuesday, Nov 27, 10:00 AM — 11:00 AM — Venetian, Level 4, Delfino 4005

Learn what leading healthcare providers are doing to leverage the capabilities of the cloud to support their patient-facing applications. You’ll hear about key cloud trends pertinent to the healthcare industry from the head of AWS’s Healthcare Services, Wilson To, and UPMC’s CTO.

Architecting for Healthcare Compliance on AWS
Tuesday, Nov 27, 11:30 AM — 12:30 PM — Venetian, Level 4, Delfino 4005

With the abundance of data breaches, patients are concerned with the privacy of their health-related data more than ever. In this session, you’ll learn how you can run sensitive workloads on the cloud as well as common architecting strategies to comply with federal regulations.

Media + Telecommunications

Maybe more than any other industry, the media and telecommunications sector has seen exponential change in the last decade. From cable companies, content services providers, ISPs, streaming services and telcos, the cloud gives this industry the ability to scale on a massive, global level to meet the increasingly high demands of customers.

Accelerate Innovation and Maximize Business Value with Serverless Applications
Monday, Nov 26, 3:15PM — 4:15PM — Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo O
Tuesday, Nov 27, 7:00 PM — 8:00 PM — Aria West, Level 3, Juniper 1

Comcast is sharing their story of how they re-architected their business strategies with serverless architectures. Other telcos and organizations across industries can benefit from hearing how one organization was able to speed up their time to market and increase innovation using serverless. You can catch this one on both Monday and Tuesday.

Building and Moving Live Broadcasting to AWS
Wednesday, Nov 28, 4:00 PM — 5:00 PM — Aria East, Level 1, Joshua 6

Moving to the cloud can help an organization improve their customer experience, which can make all the difference for content providers given the high expectations of viewers. The BBC and Nine Networks will join with AWS to demonstrate how the cloud has helped them drive business.

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