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The human civilization has used natural objects as elementary pieces of furniture from its very beginning. The earliest civilizations are most likely to have used rocks as rudimentary tables, tree bases as seats, and soft patches of earth for sleeping. Several thousand years ago, people started building and shaping their own furniture, using materials like wood, stone and animal bones. Prehistoric establishments have shown a high degree of sophistication and were furnished with an extensive collection of stone furniture ranging from shelves, cupboards and dressers to beds, stone seats and limpet tanks.

Since its inception as a fundamental requirement in human dwellings, furniture has continuously evolved in terms of style, design, purpose and material used. The use of new materials such as glass, plywood and steel in its many forms, and plastics were influential in the creation of these new designs. Post World War II principles of cutting excess, modification and rationality of materials in design profoundly influenced the aesthetic of furniture. It was a remarkable exodus from all the furniture design that had earlier existed. The sparkling simplicity and geometry of polished metal took over from the dark or gilded carved wood and lavishly patterned fabrics. The forms of furniture transformed from visually heavy to visually light. This makeover from artistic to minimalist principles of design can be ascribed to the introduction of new technology, shifts in philosophy, and the outcome of the theories of architecture and product design.

The first three quarters of the twentieth century are often seen as the march towards modernism. Modern furniture refers to furniture manufactured from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism. From stools, chairs, sofas and beds to desks, cabinets, cupboards and shelves, all furniture items have undergone a radical transformation. Pretty modern coffee tables to liven up spaces are now only a click away!

Living room furniture Australia has embraced this elegant shift wholeheartedly! Modern furniture store Australia has now a new identity! Purchase of contemporary bedroom furniture is now extremely convenient and customer friendly. The website offers an array of living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture along with decorative accessories, artwork, lighting and rugs to choose from. From kid’s furniture to exquisite homeware, the list is eclectic and unmatched!

The company not only provides a shopping list, it actually does the shopping for you and arranges the delivery process too! With a personalized E-design service based on your own personality, your taste, pleasure and lifestyle, the company strives for customer satisfaction. It is ensured by the shop that only the finest quality and best design are delivered at your doorstep. However, a 14 day return policy is also available if somehow, the client is unsatisfied. Attractive offers on various items are also on the board so do not miss out on them! Contact information is mentioned so if you have any qualms, suggestions or feedback, leave a message and expect a quick response!

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