Technology Hiatus

The idea of abandoning all of my technology (i.a. my Phone, Laptop, and Social Media) for six hours right before finals, was terrifying. Along with the fact that my Mom is always in constant contact with me, I was worried how things would play out. By the end of my six hours in the real world, it was easily less disastrous than I predicted it would be. I even dragged my boyfriend along with me for the adventure.

Our hiatus started at about 10:00am on Saturday. There was enough time before hand for us to get a decent amount of work done for classes and mid-terms, to feel comfortable taking the rest of the day for ourselves. The week before (ironically) we had sat down after a week of arguments and stress, and made a list of things to do with each other. As most couples who’s relationships have reached over a year, sometimes it is hard to come up with things to experience with each other, especially if you’ve already experienced a lot. So, we took the excuse of my assignment for class (this six hour hiatus) and used it to knock a few things off of our list.

Like a lot of people, my morning starts with coffee more often than not. Wanting to go hardcore with my hiatus, I decided to ditch my Keurig and try to make a stove top pot. The water in my pot quickly turned from clear to a murky brown, somewhat resmbelent of coffee. I had no filters so I did the best that I could to create one out of paper towels. Little specks of pre-ground coffee floated around the pot, and oddly reminded me of that scene with the tea leaves in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. At one point I even tried to convince my boyfriend to let me predict his future, a moment at which he slowly dumped the cup of coffee I’d given him back into the pot. My coffee was extremely watery, and to be honest I should probably never attempt to be a barista, ever. However, determined to live in the full depths of my experience, I dumped the lumpy coffee into my travel mug and quickly exited the apartment.

Riley’s first bath

The first item on our list that we had chosen was to go see some animals. Before we cheated and used my boyfriends car to go to the zoo, we went on a trip to visit some of the puppies on campus. The obvious first choice was his roommates new puppy, named Riley. She is a little Aussie, and super vicious and rambunctious. She was a handful to take care of, but over the next hour or so we walked her, bathed her, and played with her. Riley is also in the process of being potty trained and still pees when she gets excited. When entered the apartment, she got so excited when I picked her up that she peed all over my jeans. So, my first confession is that I did cheat before I left Drury, because I had to throw my jeans in the washer. Sorry. After we got Riley all wound up for our friend to deal with, we quickly ran out the door to go find the swimmers pup, Marco. Marco is a big black lab puppy who loves to play and get belly rubs from pretty girls (as his owner described him to me once). After playing with Marco for a few minutes, even I was tuckered out and had to say goodbye. Before we left for our next adventure of the day, I received many kisses from Marco, and was covered in that fresh doggy scent.

Once we finished saying hi to our local animal residents, we decided to take a walk to our favorite ice cream shop in downtown Springfield, Mae’s. I got the pomegranate Italian ice with sour gummy worms, and my boyfriend got the peanut butter ice cream (so boring). Then, we grabbed some Pickleman’s subs and hiked back to campus for board games.

We stole my friends well loved Monopoly board game, and a few decks of cards. We played a pretty intense game of Monopoly, which I won (obviously). Honestly, we know it’s all over once you get the dark blue properties. After that we played a few games of B.S. with my roommates, which ended up being very therapeutic for mid-term stress. I guess time really does fly because before we knew it, it was already 3:00pm which meant that our six hour hiatus was over, and that it was time to get back to work.

Honestly, I really enjoyed this assignment, it gave me the opportunity to get away from the constant need to be connected to technology. With the obvious acception of homework, maybe not being logged on all the time would help me de-stress. Lord knows I need to catch up on some sleep, and I don’t think I have had that much drama free fun in a long time.

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