5 Lessons from Homeland season 6 episode 1

*may contain spoilers, so if you have not watched this episode yet, and do not want to know anything beforehand, come back after you have watched it or continue at your own risk*

It is that time of the year again, folks. Homeland is back. Finally. I, personally, could not wait and almost gave up hope. One second after season 5 ended, I started searching the internet far and wide, looking for clues on the new season. Is Peter Quinn dead? Did Carrie accept that Otto guy proposition? Where is Carrie living after this? Is she back in the US? Is she back at the CIA? Were the questions I kept googling. I could not find anything. The anticipation was driving me insane. I thought that maybe re — watching season 5 on the Netflix could be beneficial, but not really. Halfway through season 5 episode 1 I lost my mojo. What I needed was new content, a new story. A PeRrie (Peter + Carrie, hereinafter, Perrie) romance. And finally, I found it. A preview of the new season to come. Season 6 episode 1 was made available on demand from the 30th December 2016. I watched it on the 1st of January, best way to start the New Year. It will be on the regular Showtime channel on the 15th January. Sneak peaks and teasers are already online.

Here are five invaluable lessons I have learned:

1. Beware of German philanthropists with an agenda.

2. Remember who your friends are.

3. If you are the president elect, beware of the Dar Adal and backstabbing senators of the bunch.

4. Never ever get involved with someone at the office.

5. Always remember that no plot twist is too convoluted to introduce handsome FBI special agents in your story.

Point 1. This Otto guy (a.k.a. the German philanthropist with an agenda)…. I did not like him when he first appeared in season 5, not one bit…. His attempt to come across as the suave, soft spoken, billionaire humanitarian were all too transparent, and it did not take long before he showed his true colours. He manipulated every situation and every person around him, even going as far as turning his own in — house counsel — and Carrie’s leading man at the time — against her. And why did he do that? So that he could have a shot at Carrie himself, the whole thing was simply despicable. At the end of season 5 he propositioned Carrie and she did not seem impressed — you go girl! — he comes back after 3 months with a present for Franny and mocking Carrie’s work at this up and coming charity of her own. Otto clearly did not get the memo; he clearly knows nothing about romancing a lady. I am so thankful for this mishap, cause I am team Perrie (Peter + Carrie), and would not want to see Carrie with the likes of this Otto. No way. She is pretty brutal in her reply to him, so hopefully this time he got the memo all right and he will get back on his jet, never to be seen again. However, I have a feeling he is the kind of guy that does not take no for an answer and he will find a sneaky way to show Carrie just how much she needs him, and that her place is with him, doing what he thinks is better for her. There might be more of this Otto guy to come, but I hope not.

Lessons Learned: should you come across a German billionaire philanthropist and humanitarian, well kept, in his early 50s, with a not too bad of a fashion sense, especially for a German, my advice is: run fast, run far.

Point 2. Thank you showrunners for not killing off Peter Quinn. I must say that the ordeal he was put through in season 5 was a bit of an overkill, and quite frankly his survival to the nerve gas (or was it Sarin?) exposure was a bit far-fetched, but I am grateful he is still around. Carrie did not smother him, like it seemed in the last fragments of the last episode, and team Perrie is alive and kicking. We still have a shot. Peter he is now in a VA hospital / rehabilitation centre where he is clearly having some issues. It transpires that Carrie visits him daily and this does not sit well with the personnel and with Peter himself. Carrie thinks he is frustrated because of the slow pace of his recovery, Peter has a different opinion, which Carrie obviously disregards. Peter gets in cahoots with an eager enabler nurse/physiotherapist at the hospital and gets to leave the place and hang out with crack smocking pros who get their pimp to rob him of his money at gun point, and leave him bleeding on the filthy mattress till Carrie arrives the day after to take him back to the rehab centre. Long story short Carrie realises the hospital is not the place for Peter and she takes him home and rent him out her basement apartment which she would normally put on Airbnb (I kind of felt obliged to underline this detail, not sure why).

Lessons Learned: always remember who your friends are. Be there for them, even when they want to push you away. If a friend tells you that something you are doing is not helping, in spite of your best efforts, have the humility to listen and acknowledge that you might be wrong after all. Going back to Homeland for a second, considering Carrie had the space all along, she should have offered Peter to stay there as soon as he was up and running. They had a history and clearly their bond is still strong. Never ever be afraid to show your friends your love for them. Now, how are we going to get Peter off the crack and back into the ruthless CIA black — ops specialist we all can’t have enough of?

Point 3. This might hit close to home for certain president — elect facing a bit of a squabble with the intelligence community. You have to give them face. And by them I mean those backstabbing double — faced egomaniacal conniving intelligence community experts, the Dar Adal of the bunch. And there are so many of them. Homeland docet, these dodgy characters will go to any lengths to prove they are right and they will plot and recruit other intelligence gurus from the plethora of agencies with an intelligence fringe, and even get together with politicians that drink their Kool Aid to undermine you.

Lessons Learned: when briefed by intelligence reps, act surprise, take a humble approach, pay as many compliments as you can without sounding phoney and put on your most effective poker face. They sure will have their on. Listen carefully and enlist a trusted relative to fact check what you are told. Do not release public statements contradicting them. Do not antagonise them, in public, to their face or in your office — always remember they might have wiretapped your devices. If you yourself are not a lawyer, have a trusted one by your side. The devil is in the detail. A lawyer will find it.

Point 4. In season 5, Saul got involved with the red headed Berlin (CIA) station chief. Too bad she turned out to be a double agent for the Russians. Dating her and not noticing what was going on, clearly is THE ultimate faux — pas for a spook. Needless to say it ended badly. She did not make it to Moscow. And for Saul, his reputation is now in tatters. Condescending attitude from nobody junior spook and being referred to as “Old Saul”, “Poor Saul” or “Sweet Saul”… These are epithets that do not suit a spy. Let alone a veteran chief spy like Saul.

Lessons learned: if you ever needed a cautionary tale to keep your hands off the hot guy or girl in the office, let this be it. Saul is not taken seriously anymore, and even if he is darn right and wise in his judgement, his opinion now come across as weak and he does not get invited to the big table. So if you get propositioned by the hot person in the office, politely decline, and be especially suspicious if said person is out of your league. Rest assured they have an agenda and you will end up holding the short end of the stick. Once again, run fast, run far.

Point 5. A hot FBI guy was clearly missing. Out with the spooks of any country, in with the home-grown hotties. He clearly is a badass. He means business. He is not afraid to put two women on the street in the middle of the night in order to implement a search warrant. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got it. Dar Adal is clearly a villain, Saul reputation is destroyed by the red — haired double mishap and Peter Quinn is in recovery, we needed a strong male character in the mix who is not cross — bred with Darth Vader ( like Dar Adal is). Will this guy stay the course? Maybe. I think so. I can see where the showrunners are going with this guy.

Lessons learned: if you are starved for ideas to introduce a hot FBI guy in your story, just go for just anything. No matter how cliché, even if you have tried to go for it from a different angle, it will still work. After all it is very difficult to be original all the time. You will be forgiven. Especially if the guy is hot.

I cannot wait for episode 2!!!

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