How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

I have had identical encounters in public and online…no matter how hard you want this instances to not matter, they always matter. They sit with you for YEARS. To be the punchline of someone’s sick joke is a painful experience, and no matter how much you change-both mentally and physically- you will never forget these times. I’m lucky enough that there is a source to my fatness…I have sleep apnea, which causes a whole slew of side-effects, most of which relate to my weight. I have been told by doctors that, over a relatively short amount of time, I will be able to see real, life-changing results and I couldn’t be more grateful…but I know I will never be the ideal, i’ll just be *less* fat.

In short, i’m not upset with my fatness, i’m upset the way that i’m percieved. I’m a relatively witty person with interesting hobbies and a close-to-attractive face, but I am, not only ignored but, targeted in public and online because I have a big belly and fat thighs. Something’s gotta give.

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