2016 Election — an honest opinion

I have been following election season very closely. It horrifies me to see what this country has come to. Our choices for president are a man who has no respect for women, those with disabilities, or immigrants. Nor does he have any previous experience that would qualify him for presidential duties. Our other choice is Hillary Clinton, someone whom I cannot trust to necessarily tell the truth. And of course, don’t for get about Gary Johnson. When asked about what he would do about the crisis in Aleppo, responded with “whats Aleppo?”. We can’t have someone who knows nothing about foreign policy in the white house. Never has the future of our country looked so uncertain, nor have I haven’t been afraid for it.

It infuriates me to see people who still stand in support for Donald Trump. The way he demoralizes women, and talks about how he can do what ever he wants to them because hes a “star”, is sickening. Donald has also called women “pigs”, “slobs” and “dogs”. I don’t see how anyone with respect for women, or who has a wife or daughter can support a man who talks about and treats women in this way.

So many people are ready to believe what ever comes out of Trump’s filthy mouth. Do your research and you will see that so much of what he says is blatantly false. (According to Politifact 35 percent of what Donald says is false. Only 10 percent of what Hillary says is false). What does this say about his credibility? Scary, if you really think about it.

Trump is also extremely rude. Have you ever watched a presidential debate? You will see that he constantly interrupts and won’t stick to his allotted time slot. And answering questions? He seems to never have a prepared or straight answer. He often gives an answer that has nothing to do with the question. During the second presidential debate, when asked about what he would do about the crisis in Aleppo, he avoided directly answering the question, and gave answers that suggested we should just ignore the situation. Lets put that man in the oval office, shall we?

This man is also a bigot, a hypocrite and Islamophobic. He makes fun of people with disabilities and has no respect for anyone he deems is unsupportive of him. It scares me to think about what he would do with executive power. I worry he would get us into an all out war. The way he praises and associates with leaders who are dictators such as Putin, makes me think about how he would handle situation in and out of the country. People you look up to like that often influence your decisions. What is this going to lead up to?

However unappealing Hillary seems I cannot see how anyone with any morals would ever vote for Donald Trump. I do not trust Hillary, but when thinking of the future of our country, I go for the lesser of two evils. She has done lots of good things for our country in previous positions. I feel she is less likely to get us into another war. On the other hand Gary Johnson is too much of an oblivious airhead to even consider. Choose who you will, but as someone who has values and morals, I cannot support Trump.