“We Just Pulled it.” The American Healthcare Act is Dead
Austin Frank

The AHCA is a symptom, nothing more. The basis of any legislation, of any society is how its supporters/opponents/members treat one another. Do the supporters/opponents of the AHCA believe that health care is a right of every American and that the US government (self-governance) should support that goal in the most effective ways possible? If yes, then failure of the AHCA matters. If no, then its failure is just one more political show. Republicans were forced to withdraw the AHCA because of opposition to it from, 1) the Freedom Caucus of Republicans who reject this belief; 2) millions of ordinary citizens who in general accept this belief. And the AHCA only imitated the ACA because of political pressure from constituents who obtained insurance as a result of the ACA. Otherwise, the majority of Republicans would likely have supported a full repeal of the ACA with no replacement. This is then an existential fight. A fight over what kind of Republic the USA is to be. Most voters as you suggest probably don’t notice or care about this. But they do notice suffering and dying from treatable diseases. The question is how does the nation deal with this suffering and death?

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