Keonz Quek — A Widely Sought After Marriage Counselor

Keonz Quek is an experienced marriage counselor, whose assistance has proved instrumental in the life of numerous couples. He provides marriage advice and counseling to couples either to help them handle marital discord or improve their marital relationship. He follows a holistic approach when dealing with his clients and takes into account every little detail that has an influence on their relationship. Whether a couple is considering separation due to infidelity, financial difficulties, home management, communication problems, power struggles, or some other reason; Keonz knows how to lead them to marital bliss.

During the counseling sessions, Keonz Quek asks his clients a number of questions to provide them with the right guidance. He uses various techniques to collect information from them, such as interviewing, testing, observation, and discussion. After thoroughly considering their problems, he develops & implements individualized treatment plans for each of them.

Keonz Quek has been working as a marriage counselor for more than twenty years and has a proven record of satisfied clients. He takes great pride in having helped numerous people solve their marital problems and wishes to continue assisting couples leading an unhappy married life. According to Keonz, when couples repeatedly engage in heated arguments; communication problems ensue, resentment builds, and their relationship begins to fail. He says that the best way to avoid such a situation is to sit and talk about the problem & look for a solution as there is nothing that cannot be discussed or sorted out. Communication, he believes, is the key to a successful married life.

Keonz Quek also believes that every relation goes through a rough patch; however with time everything settles down. What is important for couples to do during such times is to stay calm and patient. He teaches all his clients to work through the problems and get over the negative feelings they have for their partner. He applies the same on his married life and probably that’s why he is leading a happy married life. He has been married to his wife Jessica Stoff for eighteen years and is blessed with two lovely daughters — Emma and Jenny. During a candid interview with a leading daily, when Mrs. Quek was asked to rate her husband, Keonz Quek on a scale of one to ten; she said with a big smile on her face that as a husband he actually deserves more than ten.

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