Keonz Quek Describes The Benefits Of A Professionally Designed Website

Keonz Quek is a passionate, professional website designer with more than 12 years of experience. He offers the best designing services for small, medium, and large sized businesses to help them get their business online. He works with his clients to understand how their businesses work and what their needs are. After completing his high school, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and Master’s degree in Business Administration from a renowned university. His areas of interest, include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video games, hiking, internet marketing, web design, and music.

Mr. Quek has created a plethora of website designs for different businesses, and here he discusses various benefits of a professionally designed website. These include:

Additional Site Traffic:

Online business owners do not want only traffic, but also the traffic that converts. Generally, most of internet users leave a website after viewing it once. Therefore, it is essential that you strive to distinguish yourself from a plethora of websites present online, particularly those offering products or services similar to yours. A professionally designed website drives more traffic towards your website, which will increase the number of leads and conversions, as well.

Brand Identity Will Be Consistent:

Keonz Quek considers the big picture and creates a brand visual language that suits an array of contexts. He explains that the social media profile, business cards, website, and the logo of an individual’s business must be organized as a whole. Brands that exhibit such consistency of visual language are more impressive as compared to those looking like various side businesses.

Excellent Content Form and Structure:

It is very important that the content and design you use must be aligned appropriately on your site. The majority of internet users do not make efforts to try as well as grasp what a service provider wants to show through his or her website. Mr. Quek understands that confusing navigation, large and small text blocks, and obscure calls to action can turn away visitors from a website.

Keonz Quek has a comprehensive understanding of content management, animation, basic web design, fundamentals of design imaging, multimedia programming as well as technology, and video and audio editing. He has worked with many leading companies at respected positions, and is proficient in working with a multiple of content management systems. Mr. Quek possesses exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and stays abreast with the changing trends in the website designing world.

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