Backup macOS Mojave with Time Machine

I have the Mac Mini desktop system having macOS Mojave Beta as below.

Mojave Beta

The Mini’s internal storage device is a spinning hard drive and have 500 GB storage size. The start-up disk is APFS formatted with 1 partition.

That’s my HDD Specs

My WD external hard drive is now going to be the Time Machine backup device for macOS Mojave 10.14. But first, I must format it with the correct format.

Part 1) Preparing to format the WD external drive with Time Machine

  1. Plugged in the WD 1 TB external drive to Mac and went to Time Machine app.
  2. Allowed the Time Machine to erase the WD external hard drive and use it for the Time Machine backup device. It took just a few seconds to erase the external drive, and it’s Done. Time Machine backup is enabled on Mojave 10.14.

Backing APFS start-up disk data to the Time Machine volume

3. Now, the Time Machine backup is in the progress.

The first backup process is always slow (be it an HFS source volume)……not much of the data on the Macintosh HD…only 52 GB of total…2 hours still to go ….taking this much time to complete it.

It’s Completed without any problem.

Part 2) Moved some JPEG files to the trash

And did what people do accidentally — emptied the trash

Entered Time Machine backup on macOS Mojave and found JPEG safe in the snapshots (What a big relief…pheww..)
Restoring JPEG to the Destination (Saving to the same folder)
Recovery Done (JPEGs are Back in Town)

Time Machine did seems to work well with an APFS start-up disk drive on macOS Mojave 10.14. Whether the Time Machine continues to perform well on Mojave is the question? I will be updating this article further especially with Time Machine issues on APFS system.

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