If you are the first one to create a SPACE in your country and name it “KeplerSwap+country”, your invitation code will be recommended on the top of your country.


1. Users from your country will prefer to input your invitation code.

2. Receive 10% of earnings from Liquidity added by your invitees. Available in your lifetime.

3. Enjoy all transaction fees from your invitees in your lifetime

Returns on SPACE Creation:

1. 1% of earning from Liquidity added by your invitees. Available in your lifetime

2. Share the Prize Pool

3. Have the rights of the proposal and future ecological governance

You will get tremendous passive income. Now is the best time to create the SPACE.



We have received much feedback from our dear users, after the global launch of KeplerSwap. We appreciate your constructive suggestions. Now we have made the following adjustments targeting Bugs that occurred on DAPP:

1. K-Curve is brought back again

2. Record of Liquidity addition is back to normal

3. Referral record is back to normal

4. Optimization of the Ranking List for SPACE OWNERS, in accordance with the performance

5. Modification of some problems popped out in LUCKY POOL

6. Optimization of the server internet

7. Optimization of DAPP interaction experience

If you discover any bugs when using DAPP, feel free to contact us via Telegram, so that we can promptly fix them. Thank you.

Contact address: https://t.me/KeplerSwap




KeplerSwap aims to build the next generation of financial ecosystem (DEFI2.0).