Article History of the Thousand Islands Jakarta

Benteng Mortello Pulau Bidadari jaman Belanda

Pulau Seribu The historical record is the oldest on the island of a thousand inscriptions form of Dutch heritage from the 16th century, which is precisely in the Onrust Island. But in fact the Portuguese first came to Sunda coconut (port in Jakarta) before the Netherlands, which is precisely in 1513 at which time the city of Jakarta is still included in the territory of the Kingdom of Sunda Pajajaran. But somehow, the Portuguese when it left no traces in the Thousand Islands. In addition to the relics of the inscription, there is also a relic of history in the form of building fortifications Kelor Island, Angel Island and the island of Onrust, which until now still can be seen in the three islands. And also for we all know, that in the 17th century, the Dutch-made maps are already marking their islands around the island Baked has been uninhabited.

Pulau Onroust
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