Kepulauan Seribu — Thousand Island Jakarta

Snorkeling Kepulauan Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu A thousand islands have the facilities Underwater and Water sports and events are often held at Thousand Islands with an atmosphere that is happy and excited, events are often held such as: Family gathering, Outbound Training, Meeting, Outing, Outbound. Thousand Islands has several islands that are often made in the arena of events Families, Companies, Honeymoons, or with friends. Thousand Islands Kepulauan Seribu has a resort island and island residents. Thousand Islands Resort Like: Pulau Pantara Island, Pulau Putri Island, Pulau Pelangi Island, Pulau Sepa Island, Pulau Bira Island, Pulau Ayer Island, Pulau Bidadari Island. For the Thousand Islands population: Pulau Pramuka Island, Pulau Tidung Island, Pulau Kelapa Island, Pulau Pari Island, Pulau Harapan Island, Pulau Untung Jawa Island.

Terumbu Karang Kepulauan Seribu — Thousand Island Coral Reef

Thousand Islands Pulau Seribu Many tourist activities that can be done include: Water sports: Jetski, Banana boat, Canoe, Snorkeling, Diving. Fishing, Volleyball beach, playing in the sand, swim at the beach, sunbathing. In addition to the activity on the shore, has recreation facilities located in resorts, such as: Tunel Undersea Aquarium, Glass Bottom Boat, Waterboom, Table tennis, Basketball, volleyball field, tennis courts, biking, and so forth. The facilities there are Free and Paid.