Long Weekend Getaway On Pulau Ayer Island

Pulau Ayer

Long Weekend will arrive in early December is exactly the 1st, The number of families who come for a vacation to the island of pulau ayer with his minors because the island Pulau Ayer near from the city of jakarta, has fine white sand, has a child Play ground, and also has a swimming pool for children and adults.

Pulau Ayer Island has a Resort on stilts and also on the sea (Floating) and also Floating Restaurant and Pulau Ayer Island has a play ground, all the resorts on the island of ayer buildings using the average wood carving asmat tribe from papua.

Swimming Pool Pulau Ayer
Long weekend on the island pulau ayer resort to make the children can enjoy a fun holiday, green leaves and grasses make the atmosphere on the island was cool to see and shady trees make this island feel shady and also a play field for children enough big, so kids can play sand, balls or anything else that can make children’s creativity run. Pedaling the bike is fun for the kids with teasing the island that has been provided its tracks.
Play Ground Pulau Ayer

Welcoming Christmas & New Year on the island ayer gives a very unforgettable feel when we stay in the cottage over the sea (Floating) with the typical tribe asmat and also the cottage stage.

It has long been the island was built with several cottages standing up to this moment and also on this ayer island on Pulau Seribu has been a resting place of the celebrities in Indonesia one of which is our first President Ir. Sukarno who had stayed at this island in the waters of the Pulau Seribu Islands of Jakarta.

The facilities available on Ayer Island are:

Front Office, Floating cottages and stage, mini shop, floating restaurant, sea sport actifities, arcade zone, jogging track, swimming pool mimika, children playground, stage ojar, membramo multi purpose room, karaoke room, fishing pier, basketball court, , convention hall, Ayer souvenir store. Water sports such as, jetsky, banana boat, surf bike and canoe. Package Pulau Ayer Island Resort