Meeting Room In Pulau Seribu

Meeting Room Pulau Seribu Island

Pulau Seribu Island Meeting Room is often used for companies who want to meet outside the office while vacation together. Many companies come to the island only for all day meetings and some are full up to 2 days. With the Meeting on the island there are also many activities that can be done such as playing watersport, snorkeling or just enjoying the island atmosphere. There is also a company by inviting business partners to meetings on the island.

Pulau Seribu is an ideal place for meetings. The meeting place is far from the crowds of Jakarta city and is located close to the city of Jakarta with the distance berfariasi from 25 minutes to 2 hours drive from Marina Jakarta by using Speed ​​boat. One of the resorts in Pulau Seribu that is close to the city of Jakarta is Ayer Island and Angel Island. Resort located on the island of Thousand has several meeting rooms with a large enough capacity in the Islands thousand suitable for meetings, training, seminars, conferences and so forth.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room on Pulau Seribu Island has a varied capacity and also the ideal meeting space is isolated away from the crowds of Jakarta city and shopping environment that can disrupt the meeting. No wonder what if the island of a thousand resorts has become one of the prima donna for companies and associations in Jakarta for a moment to gather and meetings with beautiful shades of the beach and sea in the bay of Jakarta.