Outing Pulau Pelangi Island Resort

Outing Pulau Pelangi island

Outing in Pelangi Island gives pleasure to the employees who come to join the otuing event. With a conducive and harmonious working environment is an important aspect for employees to provide maximum results to the company. And the company must maintain harmony and to the conducive work environment for the productivity of the synergy among employees, including by following these activities.

Pulau Pelangi Island tours are often held an outing event. Understanding Outing in a company is one medium that can be used to maintain synergies in all employees who come following the outing event, and also will provide a program that can bring participants to the different environments that are found everyday, as long as the participants work in where they work and also fun and challenging games in their activities during this outing event.

Event Pulau Pelangi Island

Pulau Pelangi Island or Pulau Petondan Besar is an island located on the cluster of Travel Pulau Seribu Islands. To reach Pelangi Island it takes 90 minutes from the pier of Pantai Mutiara or Marina Ancol. Type of cottage or bungalow provided is Bougenville, Jasmine and Tulip. However there are also cottage types such as Edelwise Bungalow which are used for participants with large number of groups. All the cottages on the rainbow island face the beach and are surrounded by shady trees, so anyone who is staying can enjoy the cool natural feel and beautiful sea view.

Bungalow Pelangi Island

Outing in Pelangi Island for us is not just an ordinary walk but we drew up the concept of how during the outing activities, the participants who follow can or get a more positive impression so that they become spirit back in work after the Outing activities. Outing that is packed with fun and rewarding concepts is our goal for employees working in your company. Travel Pulau Seribu Island