Pulau Ayer | Thousand island Resort

Pulau Ayer Resort

Pulau Ayer Resort is nicknamed pearl in the Thousand Islands, as one of the resorts are located close to the city of Jakarta, the resort has a cottage resort with unique decor Asmat carvings. This may be one holiday destination, especially for families with small children aged 2 years children’s playground has been provided in Pulau Ayer.

Swimming Pool Pulau Ayer

Pulau Ayer dubbed as the Pearl Islands. More of less than 10 hectares, adjacent to Marina Ancol. With the distance of 20–30 minutes by speed boat from Marina Ancol Jakarta. Ayer is one of the islands closest to the city of Jakarta, where here we can not perform activities of snorkeling and diving because the waters are not quite clear.

Outing Pulau Ayer

In Ayer Pulau Seribu presented menu with ethnic nuances of cultural sights of Papua. The sides of the beaches are named, one Turkish Wao. Cottage that I frequent is located on the water along the beach Wao. Ayer Island iguanas in the wild in various sizes. Green trees replace the atmosphere in Ayer makes us feel like in the jungle with white sand beaches on each side. Pulau Ayer with ethnic Asmat have long been opened as a tourist attraction family, honeymoon, Companies such as, Outing, Outbound, Meeting, Family Gathering. Around 1950 Ayer has been in the open and in renovations to date in into a very nice island.