Pulau Putri | Pulau Seribu | Thousand Island

Pulau Putri

Pulau Putri Island Princess which was established in 1973, has now become a resort in the Thousand Islands Pulau Seribu, Indonesia. In 1992, the island facility was further developed by the Management of the Island Princess by adding new facilities, such as Tunnel Aquarium, swimming pool, Aquarium, Underwater, tennis court, Glass Bottom Boat, Sunset Cruise, and various other facilities. In 2001, the Island Princess never won boon Travel Adikarya 2001 by Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso. as gratitude to improve Jakarta Tourism. In 2016 the Island Princess Pulau Putri Adds Its facilities are Waterboom and also has a refining machines saltwater into fresh water, so the Island Princess is now possessed of freshwater.

Snorkeling Pulau Putri

Thousand Island Pulau Seribu Princess Island beaches have white sand and a gently sloping beach, guests can play the white sand at the seashore, passing a swim on the beach while enjoying the sea breeze blowing. Other activities to do in Pulau Seribu Pulau Putri is playing water sport: Banana boat, canoe, water bee. Snorkeling and diving are also available. Gear rental for snorkeling and diving in Pulau Putri quite complete, is also a Guide for Snorkeling and Diving.