Pulau Sepa Island Paradise Tourist Resort Island of Thousand For Diver In Jakarta Pulau Seribu

Pulau Sepa Island Pulau Seribu

Pulau Sepa Island has a beach and underwater ecosystem that make the visitors spellbound. Pulau Sepa Island is also one of the favorite places for the divers is diving and snorkeling are the main activities. Besides fishing activity on the island is also very exciting Pulau Sepa Island. Pulau Sepa has several facilities located on the island of Sepa include: Restaurant, Cottage, Meeting Room, Karaoke, Billiard, Play Ground, Banana Boat, Diving and Snorkeling Rental, Fishing, Wake Board, Canoe and Jetsky. Here also there Hawksbill Turtle Breeding.

Banana Boat Pulau Sepa Island

Pulau Sepa Island Resort is one of the Pulau Seribu island in the Thousand Islands which has a beautiful white sand and gentle sloping beach. Pulau Sepa underwater world is very beautiful, because a lot of colorful fish and coral reefs and other marine creatures that adorn the sea on the island of Sepa. To stay on the island of Sepa, there are a lot of cottages that have been provided, approximately 38 units of cottages in traditional style, with woven bamboo-shaped house on stilts with various types Cottage. Starting from Type Flipper, Type Kakap, Type Penyu, Type Gurita, and Type Napolion.

Cottage Pulau Sepa Island

Pulau Sepa Island that have carpet the Paradise for Deriver In Jakarta, the island that is still included in the region on the Pulau Seribu island of a thousand that can be traveled with a period of 90 minutes traveling water from Marina Ancol Jakarta, vacation spots nuanced silent very appropriate for you who are looking for tranquility as relieving fatigue, sites with clean beaches and clear water which still maintained its beauty, that quote are the advantages for the lovers of the underwater world will charm the beauty of coral reef exotic Island Tourism uninteresting place Tourism which has a natural beauty they are natural and very appropriate for a family vacation spot or you who are looking for a location for a honeymoon because it’s romantic, diverse facility located on the island of Sepa including restaurant, cottages, Play ground, meeting room, karoke, snorkeling, diving, fishing , jetski, cannoe.

Snorkeling Pulau Sepa Island