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Pulau Seribu Island

The Pulau Seribu Islands are famous to many foreign tourists who come to Jakarta for a holiday to Pulau Seribu. All the pulau seribu island departures from the marina ancol jakarta, each jetty different departures because each island has a dock and there is also a dock that dispatches each island by delivering from one island to another island is called also with regular boats. Departure to the island of a thousand all use speed boat, speed boat boat can also be in the lease.

The Tour pulau seribu that has the beauty of the sea beach and underwater nature, located in the northern part of Jakarta is called as the thousand islands which has various islands such as: Ayer Island, Pantara Island, Sepa Island, Putri Island, Bidadari Island, Macan Island, Tidung Island, Pari Island , Bira island, Pulau Genteng island, Etc. The islands can Snorkeling and scuba diving, snorkeling islands can travel 1–2 hours trip by Speed ​​Boat, for the island that can not snorkel within 25 minutes by using Speed ​​boat. The Pulau Seribu Resort tourism The various facilities provided on each island have watersport facilities, snorkleing and scuba diving equipment, etc. The beauty of each panorama of the island gives a very beautiful feel when we visit the island of a thousand, the number of tourists from abroad who come to vacation to the island of thousand to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, underwater, sunset, sunrise, etc.

Sunset Cruise Pulau Seribu

Pulau seribu island tour Packages have various packages. Senorkeling and Scuba diving can also be found by tourists, most snorkeling in the tourist attraction with snorkeling tourists can see the beauty of coral reefs and fish in the thousand islands, Pulau Seribu Package includes the Facilities available and there are also some facilities that pay. Facilities in the thousand islands have a variety of facilities because each island has different facilities.

Snorkeling Pulau Serib Island