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Pulau Seribu Island

Pulau Seribu islands is a very beautiful tourist spot when we visit, the Kepulauan Seribu islands there are various islands, Pulau Seribu islands in the north of Jakarta Capital of these islands become a tourist place for all circles that exist, a thousand islands tour has several islands Resort, Population islands, Historical islands and also the island of Kosong that no occupants. The islands include the Island Resorts: Ayer Island, Bidadari Island, Macan Island, Pantara Island, Pelangi Island, Putri Island, Sepa Island, Kotok Island, Bira Island, Royal Island. The Island is Residents: Pari Island, Pramuka Island, Tidung Island, Harapan Island, Kelapa Island, Genteng Island, Island of Javanese fortune. The historic Island of the Voc colonial era: Kelor Island, Ontrust Island, Bidadari Island. Kosong Island include: Dolphin Island, Karang Athol Island, Gosong Island, Semak daun Island, and there are more islands.

Pulau Seribu

Holidays to the island of a Pulau Seribu is a fun holiday in comparing id holiday onshore, beach holiday, sea, white sand, coral reef is only on the island of a thousand and also has a waterspot. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the main activities for a holiday on the island of a thousand, as every tourist is eager to see the beauty of the underwater world as well as tourists can sunbathe, play watersport, or just want to relax on the beach while reading a book. Live music is also available on the island of pulau sepa and the island of the female tourists can sing with a choice of musick that you like.

Snorkeling Pulau Seribu

Facilities in the Tour Pulau Seribu islands have standard island facilities such as watersport facilities, snorkeling facilities and diving facilities and for other facilities such as: beach volley, basketball court, soccer playground, table tennis, bike, swimming pool, special for daughter island Facilities that are not owned by other thousand islands: Tunnel Aquarium, Glass bottom boat, Waterboom mini, and salt water refining into fresh water. Each island has different facilities depending on the management of each island.

Banana Boat Pulau Seribu