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Pulau Seribu Island — Pulau Pari Island

Pulau Seribu Islands Tourism Jakarta which have the island resort and island residents who each have management, except for island residents of the neighborhood that manage, because the inn Home stay or house the residents. Pulau Seribu Islands consists of several islands that are often visited by foreign and local tourists, Pulau Seribu island has water sport facilities and can also snorkeling and diving.

Snorkeling Pulau Seribu Island — Pulau Putri Island
Pulau Seribu Islands travel jakarta thousand islands there are various islands into tourist attractions to stay and stay. Maritime Thousand there are several Island Resort and Island residents and also the island empty uninhabited islands including Island Resort has several different islands, namely : Pulau Ayer Island, Pulau Bidadari Island, Pulau Macan Island, Pulau Pantara Island, Pulau Pelangi Island, Pulau Putri Island, Pulau Sepa Island, Pulau Kotok Island, Pulau Bira Island. On the island population has some islands namely : Pulau Pramuka, Pulau Tidung, Pulau Pari, Pulau Harapan, Pulau Untung Jawa, Pulau Kelapa, Pulau Genteng. And to the island empty ie: Pulau Dolphin, Pulau Kosong, Pulau Karang Athol, Pulau Semak Daun, Dll.

Pulau Seribu Islands is an archipelago with a nature conservation area maritime in Indonesia An exotic beauty of Underwater nature, Thousand Islands has Natural Resources is the natural beauty marine ecosystems coral reefs that characterize the beauty of the sea such as coral reefs, fish and fish consumption, echinoderms, crustaceans, mollusk, sea turtles, sea plants and land, mangroves, seagrass beds, and others. Travel Pulau Seribu island resort, residential Thousand Islands, and some islands as a private retreat. Marine tourism activities that can be done in the national park area include diving (scuba diving) there are 26 spots diving, snorkeling, fishing, educational tourism.

Coral Reef Pulau Seribu Island